Globaldyne is affiliated to three groups namely:

Skyynet Group

This Group is multinational group with an exclusive membership reference globally of with companies ranging in different categories from Manufacturing, Retail, Export, Aviation, Commercial, Farming and Investments. Globaldyne has honored the privilege to be part of an exclusive international business partner.

O2 Group

O2 is an international company with an African ambition to conjugate and create a single business unit that can provide support to Governments, Private Sector and emerging industries mainly within the African continent. We at Globaldyne as affiliates have spared resources and personnel to ensure such a goal comes to pass.

Nhlapo International Group

In the manufacturing in export arena few companies that established in Southern Africa have received the courtesy to trade with other countries seamlessly. Nhlapo Industries has bridged the gap of doing so by partnering with numerous state holders in foreign countries and in the process creating a channel that allows its affiliates to utilize. Globaldyne with an affiliation with NIG  has gain access to that bridge and commuting business across has been of ease.