Bonfaith International Dance Group

Bonfaith is a subsidiary company of Globaldyne whose main objective is to teach dance sport to young people in townships and rural areas and to work with the department of education as well as the department of sports, arts and culture so that dance sport can be part of the school sports Program.

Acute shortage of sports dance instructors is one of the challenges currently faced by the department of sports and recreation in its attempt to introduce sports dance as part of school sports program and as Bonfaith we intend to setup a training center where sport dance instructors can receive state of the training.

In many township and rural communities young people do not have access to good sporting facilities for recreation, as Bonfaith  we would work with the relevant government department to create a center for sport dance for each township so that the youth can learn and develop themselves through dance sport. Bonfaith is affiliated to Federation of Dance Sport South Africa (FEDANSA), which is responsible for the co-ordination of standards, rules and regulations pertaining to dance sport in South Africa.

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Bonfaith Dance Projects specialize in dance sport training, development and research, including events management of sports dance related events. We offer lessons and classes on the following dance sport areas:

The Latin American Dances spanning categories delineated below:


Has its roots in Africa. But most of the development is dance in Brazil. The dance is characterized by zig-zag patterns, circling movements and more prominent interaction with the spectator.


Is a sexy and flirtatious afro-Cuban dance that developed in the Latin dance clubs of New York City during the 1950s. It uses quick footwork and characteristic ’’cha cha cha’’ timing.


Is a slower, more romantic afro-Cuban dance that has been dubbed ’’the dance of love’’. Like the other dances, it utilizes Latin hip action and smooth body motion, allowing partners better express the feeling of the music.

Paso Doble

Originated from Spain. The name ’’Paso Doble’’ in Spanish means ’’two steps’’ and refers to the marching nature of the steps. The dance portrays a bullfight with the man as the torero and the woman as the cape.


Is a rhythmical and swinging dance which was influenced by the rock and roll, boogie and swing. Jive is characterized by flicks, kicks and strongly emphasized leg rhythm.

Ballroom Dances encompassing categories outlined below:


Originated as a folk dance in Austria and Bavaria during 17th century. This smooth progressive dance is characterized by long. Flowing movements, continuous turns, and substantial rise and fall.


Was born in the streets of Buenos Aires and is characterized by firm and progressive movement without rise and fall and snappy, dynamic actions switching to superb stillness.

Vietnamese Waltz

Is a fast progressive rotating dance with the accent on the first beat. The dance originated during the 18th century from the German.


Was introduces by Harry fox in 1913 and was originally moderately fast, simple and unrefined. Foxtrot is characterized by numerous continuously forward or backward moving patterns which are straight and well aligned on the competition floor


Arose when the British mixed Charleston and slow foxtrot in the 1920s to create’’QuickTime foxtrot and Charleston’’. This faster foxtrot was greatly influenced by swing music during the 1920s and 30s and later incorporated the chases figures that are characteristic of the dance today.


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