Natural Eenergy Transforrmation

Natural Energy Transformation Group

Natural Energy Transformation (NET) Group is another subsidiary of Globaldyne and main focus on recycling and energy production. NET believes on a greener world vision and ready to ensure that we make a dent in our planet by contributing our skills and resources for a greater course.


We have strategically positioned and partnered with Non Government Organizations, Non Profit Institutes around the rural communities and townships from one place to another the within South Africa and more continue to develop as time presents itself. These NGO transformation organizations collect bottles and cans from:

Green Energy Products

The company has managed to undergo a systematic revolution to partner with energy producing companies in oder to to promote and produce a greener environment. These Products includes products like:

Green Energy Services

NET has numerous NGO around the country under its wing that focus on providing bottle, plastic and tin can collection services from:

These waste products are collected and sent to major recycling companies that in return they pay a fee such used materials.

Natural Eenergy Transforrmation
Natural Eenergy Transforrmation
Natural Eenergy Transforrmation

N.E.T Group