We specialize in  Investments, Consulting, Designing, Construction, Supply Chain with our main focus being Venture Capital Management to name a few. We seek new grounds and create a platform whereas we then initiate in-depth analysis for viability before we initiate feasibility studies.

This allows us to determine whether the venture is to be profitable or not in the next coming decade and earnings to our investors return in high folds. Doing so also us to sanction whether the Enterprise has the ability to grow and expand quicker as the world we live in is ever changing.



Our staff offers quality and reliable products with their related services you can count on.

In addition, our friendly and professional employees are here to answer any questions you may have about our company & our services not limiting our products.

Whether you need consultation, products, or services, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Globaldyne, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.


Globaldyne Hospitality

Our Services include the well being of our employees and customers with the best care possible by allocation of qualified, structured personnel to deal with specified functions in various departments within the company.


Globaldyne Communication

Connecting with stake holders and maintaining constant links is one of Globaldyne vanity allowing us to be up to date with the latest information globally.


Globaldyne Government

As a business thriving for success Globaldyne has pursued objectives to engage and collaborate with governments through consultations and corporate engagements.


Globaldyne Future Plans

Here at Globaldyne we pride ourselves with the ability to utilize resources to promote growth and expansion of our investments & development towards the African continent.


Globaldyne Energy

The future of  sustainability is in clean energy and we have engaged ourselves in investing and maintaining a greener future by strengthening our policies internally and externally.


Globaldyne Partnership

Globaldyne has and still continues to create partnerships and alliances to meet common goals with the assurance of benefiting the economy locally & abroad.


Globaldyne Enterprise

The company extended enterprise solution accommodate services together with products for all small, medium and large enterprises locally and internationally.


Globaldyne Publications

Our company has numerous Certifications and Licenses that are utilized to comply with government and related industries to ensure ISO quality standardization and stability of all the services / products we provide


Globaldyne Entrepreneurs

The journey is still long and weary for those who embark on new business ventures and at Globaldyne we here to safeguard the voyage by step by step guiding and assisting from drafting legal docs to running a good business.





Globaldyne is a Corporation situated in South Africa and centers its resources and skills in sustainable Ventures in different sectors of the economy in order to create symbiosis.

The company has operated in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi  and Kenya since 2012 mostly conducting consultations to Government and Private companies.